The Wondermakers Collective is a collaborative embroidery project created by Mindy Sue Wittock and Jenna Freimuth.
We attended the same college at different times, connected on social media, and now mail art back and forth between Michigan and Minnesota. Our name The Wondermakers was conceived by the idea of simply wondering what we could make together. Mindy makes embellished, abstract soft sculpture and Jenna draws lush, patterned illustrations. As we navigated how to blend our unique artistic styles into a long-distance collaboration, our dense embroidered pieces started to emerge. With the limitless combination of color and texture possible within our embroideries, we continue to explore creating wonder and curiosity in our work.
Our embroideries start with one of us putting down some stitches and then mailing it off to the other person. Nothing is drawn out ahead of time or preplanned. Every embroidery is a response to the other’s mark-making and a metaphysical representation of our two styles colliding. As the layers build and stitches accumulate, a hint of an imaginary world is created within the hoop.   
Follow the stages of each embroidery and other tidbits @thewondermakers
Mindy Sue Wittock
Soft Sculpture & Textiles ​
Mindy Sue Wittock is an artist and mother who works out of her home studio in Upper Michigan. She makes soft sculpture that explores the intersection of childhood memory and experiences in motherhood.  Wittock has an MFA from Arizona State University with a concentration in fibers. She has previously worked as an associate lecturer of art at the University of Wisconsin Fond du Lac and the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. Wittock has an extensive exhibition record and has taught many textile-based workshops. She survives on coffee, enjoys watching vintage television shows, and listening to 80’s music.
Instagram: @mindymaker
Jenna Freimuth​

Illustrator & Surface Designer​
Happily residing in Minneapolis, MN, Jenna Freimuth likes to make coffee and beautiful things.  With a BA Degree in Studio Arts from the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay, Jenna has built a freelance career illustrating for clients and collaborating with other artists.  Working from her home studio, she enjoys building abundant floral patterns, stitching abstract embroideries, and drawing cat lady portraits. When not chipping away at a project, Jenna can be found playing board games with her husband or watching old episodes of The Office. 
Instagram: @jennafreimuth
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